Who We Are

Surfin' Your Soul Family Services focus primarily on the heart and soul of individuals. Connecting from this space first and foremost allows us to connect with others from our true light.

Our Family Offering

Family, Tribe, Team, Squad, as humans we are born to cohabitate. When we understand ourselves first, from a soul level we open our heart and soul to deeply connect to others.

Our Promise

To offer safety, love, guidance and integrity in all of our sessions.

Our Services



A simple, easy and effective way to bring harmony through the heart and reconnect with the powerful flow of your life force energy. HeartThread is offered to individuals, families & groups. 

To register for the 3 day HeartThread Practitioner Training 

contact (949)547-4066 or surfinyoursoul@gmail.com


Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is another simple, powerful, effective tool used to restore balance, harmony and remembrance in the heart, soul  body & mind.  


Family Coaching

Fostering one's  natural gifts, personalities and soul expressions is at the heart of family coaching sessions. Maximizing connection to the soul and how it is expressed in the world of the self, family, community and universe is what we cultivate.

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